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BareBonesMP's Rules Page
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BareBonesMP's Minecraft Server Rules

  1. No Griefing or Stealing
  2. No Hacking, Cheating, or using client-side mods that give unfair advantages.
  3. No Abusing Minecraft or Server Exploits. Please report them ASAP!
  4. Absolutely NO discrimination of any kind.
  5. Be Respectful and kind to other members.
  6. Do not threaten or be excessively toxic or flame other community members.
  7. The keyword is andesite
  8. No Advertising or Spamming other members.
  9. No lagging/crashing our servers. Excessive mob farms/machines can be removed without notice.
  10. PVP is allowed if both users have PVP enabled and agree to the fight. Do not try to bait people into PVP.

Spawn Builds Rules:

  1. There is no strict build theme for shops.
  2. No large structures, be realistic and respectable to other shops in spawn. Ie. no towers, no giant builds, no wide or deep underground buildings, no malls, etc.
  3. Please seek approval before building in new areas.
  4. Unused/inactive buildings will be reused or removed by staff.
  5. No building bases or farms within 500 blocks of spawn.

Banned Mods/Resource Packs:

  • Fullbright mods or packs
  • Any Xray or Ore hightlighing(glowing) packs
  • Any mods that change movement mechanics such as flying, crawling, sprinting, building, etc.
  • Any mods that allow you to freecam or phase through ground.
  • Mods that modify inventory systems like quick switching, or tool auto swapping AREN'T explicting banned, but may be flagged automatically by the anticheat.
  • Any hacking/cheating clients that provide unfair advantages or change Minecrafts or our servers core gameplays.

Allowed list of mods:

  • Replay mod
  • Litematica and similar mods
  • Any shaders mods
  • Any client optimization mods
  • Any cosmetic armors, tools, or blocks mods as long as they don't violate the xray list above.
  • Any emote mods
  • Any voice chat mods
  • Zoom mods
  • Minimap/Full map mods
  • Any mod related to the ones we use on our official modpack are generally Ok to use.

Ask staff if you're unsure if a mod is banned or not. [Updated February 4th, 2024]