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BareBonesMP Wiki


The official Wiki page for BareBonesMP. Here you'll find all the information about our server's features and how to use them.

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Member Commands:

  • Main:
    • /ping - Displays your ping to the server.
    • /tps - Displays the server's TPS for the last 1m, 5m, and 15m marks.
    • /co i - [VETERANS+] Toggles Inspector mode to see block & chest logs.
  • Utility:
    • /playtime - Shows your current playtime on the server.
    • /rules - Displays the server's rules.
    • /home bed - Teleports you to your home, which is set in the last bed you slept in(respawn point). 
      • Your home can bed obstructed or removed if the bed is blocked/removed as well. Right clicking a different bed will update your home.
    • /spawn - Teleports you to the server's spawnpoint.
    • /chestsort - Opens the menu to configure inventory and chest sorting.
    • /vote - Opens the voting menu for the server.
    • /vote shop - Opens the vote shop to spend voting points.
    • /pvptoggle on, off - Toggles your PVP status. Toggling ON enables PVP and toggling OFF disables your pvp. PVP is off by default.
  • Social:
    • /ignore - Ignores a player in chat so you won't receive or see their messages.
    • /msg, /r - Message and response for other players.
    • /realname - Displays someone's real minecraft name if they're using a nickname.
    • /afk - Sets your status as AFK, and makes it so the sleep count isn't applied to you.

Supporter Commands:

  • Main:
    • /dynamp hide,show - Hides/Shows your player icon from the Dynamp
    • /delhome name - Removes your secondary home.
    • /sethome name - Sets your secondary home.
    • /home name - Teleports to your secondary home.
      • After you've set a 2nd home, to teleport to your bed, you must use /home bed
    • /armorstand - Looking at an armorstand, using this command will open a customization menu which you can edit armor stands.
      • Shift right clicking an armorstand with a nametag will apply the nametag to the armorstand.
    • Dynmap Markers - View https://barebonesmp.com/wiki/dmarker for more detailed info.
    • /nerfphantom togglespawn - Enables or Disables phantom spawning on you, disabled by default.
    • /nick name - Sets your nickname on the server.
      • /nick off - removes your nickname and uses your Minecraft name.
    • /hat - Equips the item in your hand onto your head slot, your head slot must be empty.
    • Sign & Chat Formatting using Minecraft Color Codes (wiki)

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New Features:

  • New Mob Captains
    • Stronger mobs that have unique drops and extra loot.
    • View -> Mob Captains for more info.
  • Upgraded Ender Dragon Fight
    • New fight mechanics, 2 phases, and stronger dragon.
    • View -> Ender Dragon Fight for more info.
  • Completely Overhauled End Dimension
    • Brand new biomes, terrain generation, and structures.
  • Void Totems
    • Totems of undying will now save you from dying to the Void, taking you to the nearest solid block and consuming the totem.
  • Per-Player instanced Loot Chests for all structures
    • Everyone will their own loot in every structure.
  • Craftable Books to store EXP
  • Craftable Store Blocks
    • Craft store blocks to sell your items in your shops, using Diamonds for currency!
    • View -> Display Shops for more info.

Returning Features:

  • Gravestones
  • Voice Chat mod (optional)
  • Cross discord/mc chat
  • 3D/2D Dynmap
  • Home bed and spawn commands
  • Mob heads and Player heads
  • Statistic Leaderboards
  • A bunch of previously enabled QoL enhancements
    • Invisible armor stands/item frames
    • Equipable Banners
    • Armor stand editor
    • Looping jukebox
    • Path Sprinting
    • Nameable lodestones
    • Burn vine tips
    • Nametag/echo shard to silence mobs
    • Concrete powder in cauldron
    • Trowel building tool
    • Custom shaped portals
    • Inventory Sorter
    • and more!

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Cauldron Concrete

Shear Name Tags

Shift+Right click a name tagged mob with shears to remove the name and get the nametag back 

Hoe Harvesting
​Breaking grass or crops with a hoe will break a 3x3 of them. A Diamond & Netherite Hoe will break a 5x5 instead.
If you put Fortune on the hoe, it'll also apply that effect to everything it breaks.

Villagers Follow Emerald Block
Holding an Emerald Block causes nearby villagers to follow the player, much like animals do for food items.

Shear Item Frame
Item frame containing item in them can be made invisible if right clicked with shears

Pat The Dogs
You can pat the dogs and also cats. Sneak-Right click them with an empty hand to perform this glorious act. this will also heal the dog between 1-3 hearts

A Trowel tool can be crafted with Iron and Sticks. The
Trowel, when right clicked, will place a random block from your hotbar, making it useful for ruins or paths.

Silence Mobs
silence and unsilence mobs using name tag

Burn Vine Tips
The tip of a vine can now be burnt with a Flint and Steel. When you do so, the vine will no longer be able to grow.
this will prevent the growth of all the vines directly above the burnt vine

Custom Shaped Portals
Create nether portals with any shape,size and with any blocks, remember this only applies to nether portals.

NoteBlock Mob Sounds
Note Blocks with heads attached to their side will emit the respective mob's sound instead of a note.
The mob sound's pitch is based on the note block pitch

Fast Leaf Decay
Leaves decay at much faster rate when no logs are nearby, or when the leaves are not player placed

Better Ladders
Ladders are slightly tweaked to improve your laddering experience:

Right clicking a ladder with another one will place it, allowing you to drop ladders down without risking falling to your death.

Shift+right clicking any end of ladder will allow you to reach the another end, resulting in quick climb

Better Enchanting Table(lapis-in-table)
Lapis placed in enchanting table will stay there
The item thats being enchanted will also stay in slot and will be displayed above the table


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BareBones VoiceChat Modpack

We run an optional mod called Simple Voice chat that adds proximity voice chat into our Minecraft server.

You can use this mod if you'd like, there are options to also just disable microphone input so you can hear others but not speak.

Our Modpack:

Direct Voicemod Downloads:


  • Our modpack does NOT have the sodium mods installed by default, as they are not on CurseForge anymore due to a disagreement between the Sodium developers and the CurseForge developers. You'll have to add the sodium mods yourself unfortunately. Ask if you need help installing them!

The modpack will still run fine without these mods, there just won't be shaders or added performance mods!

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On BareBonesMP, we've made some slight changes to how mob-spawning works on the server due to the high cost it requires when there's alot of users online. We try our best to provide a good balance between good spawn rates and performance, and are always tweaking the values when there is issues. Please refer to this wiki frequently if you're building intricate farms that require certain mob-spawning mechanics!

Paper Mob-Spawning Config:

  • alt-item-despawn-rate:
    • Dropped items from players or mining, counted in seconds.
    • enabled: true
    • items:
      • andesite: 1200
      • cobbled_deepslate: 1200
      • cobblestone: 1200
      • diorite: 1200
      • dirt: 1200
      • end_stone: 1200
      • granite: 1200
      • grass: 1200
      • gravel: 1200
      • netherrack: 1200
      • red_sand: 1200
      • sand: 1200
      • stone: 1200
  • count-all-mobs-for-spawning: true
    • accounts for spawner mobs & natural spawns.
  • despawn-ranges:
    • range values are in blocks from player: hard range is calculated by (simulation-distance * 16) + 8
    •  ambient:
      • hard: 104
      • soft: 32
    • axolotls:
      • hard: 104
      • soft: 32
    • creature:
      • hard: 104
      • soft: 32
    • misc:
      • hard: 104
      • soft: 32
    • monster:
      • hard: 104
      • soft: 32
    • underground_water_creature:
      • hard: 104
      • soft: 32
    • water_ambient:
      • hard: 104
      • soft: 32
    • water_creature:
      • hard: 104
      • soft: 32
  • tick-rates: (20 ticks per 1 second)
    • behavior:
      • villager:
        • acquirepoi: 120
        • validatenearbypoi: 180
    • container-update: 3
    • grass-spread: 4
    • mob-spawner: 8
    • sensor:
      • villager:
        • secondarypoisensor: 240


  • spawn-limits: (max entity per player)
    • monsters: 35
    • animals: 8
    • water-animals: 8
    • water-ambient: 6
    • water-underground-creature: 4
    • axolotls: 2
    • ambient: 1
  • ticks-per:
    • animal-spawns: 400
    • monster-spawns: 8
    • water-spawns: 8
    • water-ambient-spawns: 400
    • water-underground-creature-spawns: 400
    • axolotl-spawns: 400
    • ambient-spawns: 400


  • merge-radius:
    • item: 3.5
    • exp: 4.0
  • mob-spawn-range: 6
    • item-despawn-rate: 6000
    • arrow-despawn-rate: 1200
    • trident-despawn-rate: 1200
    • zombie-aggressive-towards-villager: true
  • entity-activation-range:
    • animals: 24
    • monsters: 32
    • raiders: 32
    • misc: 8
    • water: 8
    • villagers: 32
    • flying-monsters: 8
  • wake-up-inactive:
    • animals-max-per-tick: 4
    • animals-every: 1200
    • animals-for: 100
    • monsters-max-per-tick: 8
    • monsters-every: 400
    • monsters-for: 100
    • villagers-max-per-tick: 4
    • villagers-every: 600
    • villagers-for: 100
    • flying-monsters-max-per-tick: 8
    • flying-monsters-every: 200
    • flying-monsters-for: 100
    • villagers-work-immunity-after: 100
    • villagers-work-immunity-for: 20
    • villagers-active-for-panic: true
    • tick-inactive-villagers: false
  • entity-tracking-range:
    • players: 48
    • animals: 48
    • monsters: 48
    • misc: 32
    • display: 128
    • other: 64
  • ticks-per:
    • hopper-transfer: 4
    • hopper-check: 4
    • hopper-amount: 1
      • hopper-can-load-chunks: false


  • view-distance=10
  • simulation-distance=6
  • difficulty=hard

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Old method: (No longer enabled)

Shop Actions

The following are all actions that can be performed on a shop's base block:

  • Left-Click - If the player is the owner or an assistant, this action will open the shop edit menu. Otherwise, the shop transaction menu will be opened. If this action is performed on an admin shop and the player has access, then this will open the transaction menu.
  • Right-Click - If the player is the owner or an assistant, this action will open the edit menu. Otherwise, it will open the transaction menu.
  • Shift + Left-Click - If the held item is the exact same as the shop's unit item and permitted access, the player will deposit the stack of the unit item currently being held into the shop's stock.
  • Shift + Right-Click - If the shop is empty, this will take the item in the player's hand and set it as the shop's unit item. Otherwise, if permitted access, the player will withdraw the initial unit count from the shop per interaction.

Shop Creation

  • To create a shop, the shop creation item must first be obtained. The creation item can be obtained through the following methods:

  • Once the player has a shop creation item, the next step is to simply place the item on the ground. This will then create a new shop that will request an item to complete the setup.
  • To complete the process, hold the item for sale in hand and SNEAK + RIGHT-CLICK the base-block of the shop to set a shop item. Keep in mind that the shop will take the full stack and use the entire stack as a single unit. This means that if a player sets 64 Oak Wood Planks as the shop item, a user can only purchase 64 per unit. This unit stack size can be adjusted through the edit menu.
  • To access the edit menu of a shop, a user must be an assistant or owner of the shop. As long as access is permitted to the user, the user can simply SNEAK + CLICK the base-block of the shop to open the management menu. Assistants will be able to do ANYTHING to the shop EXCEPT delete it. Owners of the shop or Admins are the only valid entities that have the ability to perform the delete action.

Shop Customization (Per-Shop)

Each shop can be fully customized to its owner's style, needs, and wants. The most drastic customizable features include the base-block selection and description. Below please find all available customizable features found inside the shop's edit menu:

  • Balance Management - This option allows a suitable player to generally manage the shop's currency so that the shop has the ability to purchase items from the investor, similar to a vending machine's functionality. A suitable player must also withdraw currency from the balance every so often to keep the balance in check and prevent it from reaching the maximum value.
  • Base-Block Selection -This option opens a secondary interface to allow a suitable player to adjust the visual base block of the shop, personalizing it and adding a bit of spice to its visual style!
  • Stock Management - This option works similarly to the balance management option; however, instead of a balance it is the full unit stock. This controls the number of items the shop has available to be purchased.
  • Limit Management - This option controls how many times players globally can purchase or sell from the shop. Setting either limit to -1 will disable the limitation feature.
  • Shop Item Management - This option handles the shop item alongside the trade item. The shop item is the item being sold by the shop in the form of units. A single unit is the EXACT same as the shop item, including stack size. The trade item is similar; however, this is considered as the currency the shop wants for the shop item-unit.
  • Price Management - This option is self-explanatory allowing modification toward the buy/sell price per unit. It also allows the toggling of Dynamic Prices, these simply raise the prices based on transaction popularity in a period of time. Dynamic Prices can also be manually reset.
  • Deletion - This option deletes the shop if the user has access to do so.

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this feature has been disabled as of 10/15/2023 due to lag issues it was causing. may return in the future. dragon has reverted to vanilla mechanics.

Health Buff:

  • Instead of a wimpy 200 health, the Ender Dragon now has 500 health, making it a lot harder.

Attack order:

  • Force endermen to attack random player.
  • Summon end zombies.
  • Shoot fireballs that explode.
  • Force the dragon to perch. (Replaced with another fireball attack when dragon is Mad)
  • After the dragon reaches half-heath, she will become Mad. When she becomes Mad, she will respawn 3 end crystals and be able to use Mad attacks. She can only become Mad once, even if her health goes above half again.

Mad attacks (only used after the dragon reaches half health):

  • Teleport to random end crystal location.
  • Strike lightning on everyone (if you are moving, the lightning will appear where you were a second ago.)
  • Summon anvils 20 blocks above everyone (more visual flare planned)
  • Spawns miniboss (only one miniboss can exist at once, and only one miniboss can be spawned per fight, and the dragon will no longer move while miniboss is in existence, so you have to kill the miniboss)

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To use these, the first line of the sign MUST be [dynmap]. After that, any non-blank line will be included in the label of the marker, except for lines formatted as set:<markerset-id> (which allows the marker to be added to a specific marker set) or icon:<icon-id> (which allows the marker to be set to use a specific icon - if not specified, the icon sign is used). If the marker is successfully created, the sign's text will erase the [dynmap]set: and icon: lines. If the sign is later deleted, the corresponding map marker is deleted.

Available markers:

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Armor Stand Wands:

  • A wand item used to edit armor stands, rather then using /armorstand command
    • The wand can be used as so:
      • Shift+Right Click on armorstand to edit it
      • Shift+Right Click in air to edit lastly edited armorstand
      • Right Click in air to edit nearest armorstand


Crafting Recipe:

Better ArmorStands

  • /armorstand or /as can be used to edit a armorstand player is looking at with a gui
  • SubCommands:
    • /armorstand last: opens gui for armorstand that was lastly edited by player
    • /armorstand near: opens gui for armorstand thats nearest to player
  • Armor Stands can be named using nametag like other entities
  • Better ArmorStands also adds preset poses which can be accessed through editor gui, this feature adds 20+ preset poses to choose from

GUI Editor

20+ Preset Poses

Armor Swapper

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Useful Links

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  • Q: When does the server restart?
  • A: Our server restarts automatically everyday at 1:00PM Central and takes a world backup, lasting usually around 3-4 minutes before its online again.

  • Q: How do I craft an EXP Storage book?
  • A: To craft the Book of Experience, place 4 Amethyst Shards, 2 Gold Ingots, 2 Emeralds and a Book in a crafting table, like seen in the image above.